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              Mos-tech Technology Co. Ltd. (MT-Semiconductor) is a focus on power related products; professional power semiconductor devices (MOSFET & IGBT), LED Driver IC, power management IC design company. With a solid product development, marketing and operation team, with excellent performance, high reliability, cost-effective products and services that meet customer needs, has been widely used in the energy saving many customers in electronic products.
            Mos-tech Technology Co., Ltd. since its inception, the principle of "business philosophy, integrity, passion, innovation execution, customer oriented", to provide customers with diversified products and complete customer service service. Through technological innovation, continuous improvement of management system, the whole process control on the implementation and the quality of products and services; the continued implementation of technological innovation, improve the manufacturing capability, monitoring, testing, providing leading technology to customers with competitive products, provide considerate service, and constantly improve the level of customer satisfaction; its main product brand, to build international brands.


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