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        Taiwan Mao Tian launch LED TV power solutions
             With energy saving and environmental protection, lightweight, high quality requirements, LED TV is more and more favored by consumers. LED TV can be divided into edge type and direct type LED backlight LED backlight.
        Edge type backlight LED main advantage is thin, low cost. To replace the traditional CCFL backlight through the use of high brightness LED light source, a light guide plate with high efficiency, which can give full play to the performance of LED light effect, high color saturation, low power consumption, long service life. LED decreased manufacturing costs, will make the edge type LED TV approximation of CCFL backlight in the cost of LCD TV, performance is better.
        Direct type LED backlight is uniform distribution of LED light source in the LCD panel directly below, can give full play to regional advantages of light. To extract color information display, backlight brightness adjustment of the corresponding region through a certain algorithm, can realize the display quality of higher quality, but also can achieve the purpose of energy saving. But the disadvantages of direct type LED backlight is the use of LED particles, the higher cost, the thick screen.
        In addition, the direct use of LED hardware decoder / TV scheme for real-time dimming technology is or is not mature, or the cost is too high, one of the main factors which hinder the development of direct LED TV, believe that this solution providers will solve this problem in the near future.
        Due to the price factor and the thin edge of consumer oriented, LED TV will be in a dominant position in a certain period of time, especially in the low-end LED TV market. But with the development of LED industry and TV decoding technology, direct LED TV will show a rising trend, especially in the high end market.
        LED TV the main technical challenges include the LED backlight driver, module structure and the hardware and software of real-time decoding / dimming. LED backlight drive program is the contention of a hundred schools of thought, but nothing more than strings and string structure and composition. The former is to improve the LED current matching, which is to solve the problem of DC high voltage system. Mos-tech semiconductor while providing a new generation of high current MOSFET in view of the above two schemes, in addition to the current matching degree is high and can provide high pressure, but also on the conduction and switching speed was more professional.
        Module in module of professional manufacturers, such as Samsung, LG, development of novel beauty, AUO, SKYWORTH, Hisense and other conditions, both the Dot structure and V-Cut structure or the type of plane, are improving.
        Energy Star LCD TV to decrease the overall energy consumption of the increasingly high demand. The California Energy Commission proposed in 2011 January LCD TV energy saving than the current 33%, 2013 January 50%. The TV industry put forward very strict requirements.
        Power LCD TV the most important from the backlight, followed by the board. CCFL backlight LED backlight replace will significantly reduce the power consumption of the backlight part, with 32 inches of LCD TV as an example, the LCD TV CCFL backlight power consumption is about 120W, while the LED TV is only about 80W. The power switch to LED light, using the low power chip group, a high efficiency and low standby power consumption are the three main methods to reduce the energy consumption of TV system
        As the power management solutions provider, mos-tech semiconductor has been dedicated to the LCD TV market in the CCFL Backlight Market Taiwan mos-tech semiconductor development MT4606-MT4946 and other products with high quality and high performance price ratio in a number of international big plant used in the process of outstanding performance, according to the new LED TV market, Taiwan mos-tech semiconductor will as always, continue to maintain absolute competitiveness, to provide the best products and service for customers.
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